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Stockholm Syndrome?!?!!?! One Direction


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“We’ve been ‘cool’ for a very long time, and in that sense our culture has been taken for a very long time. How do we define when we’ve arrived? It’s not when a young, white girl in Berkley is wearing nice garlands or those nice buddhist beads, or wearing bindi. I don’t feel like my life in anyway has been improved because she has the ability to do that and thinks that’s okay. My life hasn’t improved. The life of my mother has not improved. Our voice as a community within this economic system has not improved. 
A good friend of mine, she’s south Indian, and she grew up in Connecticut. Her mom would make her wear her bindi and go to school. She would get harassed by kids… she would be harassed so much that what she would do, is that because she was so ashamed to have that bindi on her head, she would leave her house, wipe it off… and then come home and put it back on.
To the point where a child would have to think about such a deliberate attempt to refute their own culture I think is pretty profound. If there’s a white girl wearing a bindi walking down central avenue in the heights, she’s not considered a dot head, even though she has a dot on her head.
For me, the feeling is disgust and anger. The way I look at it if I see it, I just get so mad because I think, how dare this person be able to wear that, or hold that, or put that statue in her house and not take any of the oppression for that. How dare they. That’s not fair. We have to take so much heat and repression for expressing ourselves.
I’m going to rip that thing off your head, and I’m going to scrub that mehndi off your hands, because you don’t have the right to wear it. Until the day when you walk in our shoes, and you face what we face… the pain, and the shame, and the hurt, and the fear, you don’t have the right to wear that. It is not your right, and you’re not worthy of it. I feel like it’s so superficial and it’s so disrespected. One day, wake up, be me, and then you’ll see how powerful what you’re wearing is. ”
—Raahi Reddy, Yellow Apparel: When the Coolie Becomes Cool 
my moom would be liiiek ‘no weeey, ya not sprey pentin on mah walls, i don’t fink so.’ got mah ohhhn ahs, i’m liek, cose i’m gonne sprey pent tha wall!
  • teacher: where's your homework
  • me: where is zayn's recognition and endless and limitless amounts of praise he deserves
If yall don’t constantly roast eachother are yall really friends

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1. My mom took pills to keep her happy after my dad packed his bags and walked out the door. He forgot to leave her happiness with her.

2. My best friend started skipping meals so she could look like the bottle blonde who took her boyfriend’s heart for one night and then left him broken.

3. My cousin got stuck stripping for middle aged men whose wives couldn’t satisfy their needs anymore, just so she could raise her child the same way she would have been raised if her father hadn’t decided to take her childhood with her when he walked out the front door.

4. My brother started asking me why mommy cried every night and brought home strange, drunk men who would always stay over and why I always had bandaids covering my wrists.

5. The bruises on my skin were just simple mistakes that he could have, but didn’t, fix. My heart was a piece of paper that he crumpled and ripped up and gave to his dog to chew on. My face was a work of art that he created.

6. After he told me that he wanted me gone from his life, I tried driving home but I had to pull over because his scent was still there, and it was suffocating me. When I could finally breathe, I swear to god I saw him in the passenger seat. He was laughing.

7. My friend started unscrewing razors from sharpeners and drinking bottles of vodka on a daily basis when her boyfriend left her. I never saw her sober after that, but I saw the mutilated skin dashed on her arms.

8. I remember being rushed into a hospital room after I had taken more pills than I probably should have. I remember seeing fluorescent lights and hearing white sneakers screeching and wheels rolling. I remember seeing my mother after two days, only to see her crying and asking why I did what I did. I remember that his name was on the tip of my tongue, and it was taking me every single fiber that had not already been exhausted to not scream it out.

9. After my dad had pushed my mom into a wall and walked out, she took out her feelings by drinking alcohol and treating us the same way he had treated her before he left. I came home an hour over curfew one night and she pushed me into the same wall she had once been forced onto and I swear I could feel the remains of what little soul she had before my dad killed it and almost killed her in the process of doing so.

10. I woke up one day and finally realized that since you left, everything was the same. The sky was still blue, the grass was still green, and I was still me. I could hear my heart beating and the clock ticking and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need you to make me feel alive anymore.

noitemsfoxonlyfinaldestination: what do you have against pregnant women who don't want their lives to be over









Being pregnant doesn’t end your life.

but it definitely can

arguing against abortion ruins these people’s lives because people like you would rather guilt trip them into raising a child they aren’t ready for :’)

You know what? 99 percent of the time it’s the persons fault they are pregnant. You have to learn to live with your responsibilities. You can’t just walk away from them. I understand some people aren’t ready to be parents, that’s why we have adoption.

because rape, broken condoms, and failed birth control aren’t a thing


it’s your fault you got into that car accident. you consented to being crushed in a car wreck the MOMENT you got into a car. what, seat belts?who cares about seat belts! you got into a car!

also, advocating that someone be put into american’s broken-ass adoption system is basically signing them up for a bullshit life

even fucking once upon a time of all shows touches upon this shit; how the fuck are you still this ignorant?

also, you carry around a parasite in your uterus for 9 months and see how you fucking like morning sickness and all the other discomforts that come with pregnancy

When you consent to having sex, you should be ready for a child. That’s the whole point of our sex organs! Make more babies! And it only feels so good because it wants you to reproduce more!

where’s templeofeuropa when i need him

"that’s the whole point of our sex organs"

lmao i’m gay so

no it’s really not, not for me

but yeah i’m not even going to bother with the rest of your post because

wow holy shit

"OMG SEX IS JUST FOR PROCREATION" how much of a fucking boring homophobic prude are you?

(and psst the car analogy  is spot-on, actually)


holy shit what the actual fuck is wrong with you? do you feel good lying to people? do you feel good shaming and ridiculing those that’ve been in the adoption system?  i’m gonna trust people who’ve ACTUALLY BEEN IN THE FUCKING ADOPTION SYSTEM over your stupid bullshit  ok :’)

and pssst, a fetus isn’t a baby and never will be. it’s a clump of cells with no feelings.


yes and?

does it have a brain, or feelings? sentience? 

no, it doesn’t

it’s not human

i’m not a clump of cells, i’m a fully-fledged human being who has been on this planet for 21 years.

and if my mom wanted to get an abortion? i honestly wouldn’t have blamed her

animals have chromosomes and lives and feelings too, but we fuckin’ eat ‘em

so only human ‘lives’ (put in airquotes because fetuses aren’t babies!) matter?


This is an incomplete list of innocent unarmed black persons who were murdered by police officers.
2014: Vonderrick Myers (St. Louis, MO) 2014: Victor White III (Iberia Parish, LA) 2014: Dante Parker (San Bernardino County, CA) 2014: Ezell Ford (Los Angeles, CA) 2014: Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO) 2014: Tyree Woodson (Baltimore, MD) 2014: John Crawford III (Beavercreek, OH) 2014: Eric Garner (New York, NY) 2014: Yvette Smith (Bastrop, TX) 2014: Jordan Baker (Houston, TX) 2013: Barrington Williams (New York, NY) 2013: Carlos Alcis (New York, NY) 2013: Deion Fludd (New York, NY) 2013: Jonathan Ferrell (Bradfield Farms, NC) 2013: Kimani Gray (New York, NY) 2013: Kyam Livingstone (New York, NY) 2013: Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. (Austin, TX) 2013: Miriam Carey (Washington, DC) 2012: Chavis Carter (Jonesboro, AR) 2012: Dante Price (Dayton, OH) 2012: Duane Brown (New York, NY) 2012: Ervin Jefferson (Atlanta, GA) 2012: Jersey Green (Aurora, IL) 2012: Johnnnie Kamahi Warren (Dotham, AL) 2012: Justin Slipp (New Orleans, LA) 2012: Kendrec McDade (Pasadena, CA) 2012: Malissa Williams (Cleveland, OH) 2012: Nehemiah Dillard (Gainesville, FL) 2012: Ramarley Graham (New York, NY) 2012: Raymond Allen (Galveston, TX) 2012: Rekia Boyd (Chicago, IL) 2012: Reynaldo Cuevas (New York, NY) 2012: Robert Dumas Jr (Cleveland, OH) 2012: Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr (Orange County, CA) 2012: Shantel Davis (New York, NY) 2012: Sharmel Edwards (Las Vegas, NV) 2012: Shereese Francis (New York, NY) 2012: Tamon Robinson (New York, NY) 2012: Timothy Russell (Cleveland, OH) 2012: Wendell Allen (New Orleans, LA) 2011: Alonzo Ashley (Denver, CO) 2011: Jimmell Cannon (Chicago, IL) 2011: Kenneth Chamberlain (White Plains, NY) 2011: Kenneth Harding (San Francisco, CA) 2011: Raheim Brown (Oakland, CA) 2011: Reginald Doucet (Los Angeles, CA) 2010: Aaron Campbell (Portland, OR) 2010: Aiyana Jones (Detroit, MI) 2010: Danroy Henry (Thornwood, NY) 2010: Derrick Jones (Oakland, CA) 2010: Steven Eugene Washington (Los Angeles, CA) 2009: Kiwane Carrington (Champaign, IL) 2009: Oscar Grant (Oakland, CA) 2009: Shem Walker (New York, NY) 2009: Victor Steen (Pensacola, FL) 2008: Tarika Wilson (Lima, OH) 2007: DeAunta Terrel Farrow (West Memphis, AR) 2006: Sean Bell (New York, NY) 2005: Henry Glover (New Orleans, LA) 2005: James Brisette (New Orleans, LA) 2005: Ronald Madison (New Orleans, LA) 2004: Timothy Stansbury (New York, NY) 2003: Alberta Spruill (New York, NY) 2003: Orlando Barlow (Las Vegas, NV) 2003: Ousmane Zongo (New York, NY) 2001: Timothy Thomas (Cincinnati, OH) 2000: Earl Murray (Dellwood, MO) 2000: Malcolm Ferguson (New York, NY) 2000: Patrick Dorismond (New York, NY) 2000: Prince Jones (Fairfax County, VA) 2000: Ronald Beasley (Dellwood, MO) 1999: Amadou Diallo (New York, NY) 1994: Nicholas Heyward Jr. (New York, NY) 1992: Malice Green (Detroit, MI) 1985: Edmund Perry (New York, NY) 1984: Eleanor Bumpurs (New York, NY) 1983: Michael Stewart (New York, NY) 1981: Ron Settles (Signal Hill, CA) 1979: Eula Love (Los Angeles, CA) 1969: Mark Clark (Chicago, IL) 1969: Fred Hampton (Chicago, IL) 1964: James Powell (New York, NY)
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